Mortice Knobs or Lever Handles

Over the years the choice between knobs and levers has changed. This is not only dictated by design changes over the years, but regulation suggestions also.


In the past, knob handles were more popular, more to the design of the door. You’d see knob handles not only in homes – but commercial offices, bathrooms at your GP or hospital – even Church entrances.


But we cannot ignore the fact that levers have an advantage in terms of operation.

Should there be a medical issue with the user’s hand area – turning a knob handle can be difficult and prevent access or exit.

With levers, you can depress the handle easily and the door will open.


British Standard 8300 recognises this, and recommends that lever handles of certain dimensions are used anywhere where public access is required.


Anyone should be able to open a door easily with one hand, without the need to grasp or twist – this is highly important to people with disabilities.


This recommendation was first mentioned in 1985 in Document M, which BS 8300 has since replaced, and caused a shift in design requirements. Nowadays you may only see knob handles inside homes and old buildings.


Here at SDS London, we’ll be able to recommend the best type of ironmongery for the application, and whether you choose levers or knob handles – they will be the jewel of your door.


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