CEAM Concealed Door Hinges

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CEAM 3D Concealed Cabinet Door Hinge 929 Adjustable 12-21 kg
6 options available
SKU: 32189

From £27.00 £22.50

CEAM 1129 3D Concealed Hinge 25-40 kg
4 options available
SKU: 32190

From £27.00 £22.50

CEAM 1130 3D Concealed Hinge 40-60 kg
6 options available
SKU: 32191

From £32.65 £27.21

CEAM 1131 3D Concealed Hinge 80-120 kg
7 options available
SKU: 32192

From £51.96 £43.30

Cut-Out Templates for 32190 Hinge
SKU: 32195

From £37.90 £31.58

Cut-Out Templates for 32191 Hinge Code
SKU: 32196

From £37.90 £31.58

Cut-Out Templates for 32192 Hinge
SKU: 32197

From £39.00 £32.50

Routing Jig for 32195/96 Templates
SKU: 32198

From £252.92 £210.77

Routing Jig for 32197 Template
SKU: 32199

From £260.53 £217.11

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CEAM Concealed Hinges

Concealed hinge, adjustable along 3 independent axes. Suitable for door weights up to 120 kg.

What are CEAM Concealed Door Hinges?

CEAM concealed hinges provided the option for a concealed hinge to be hidden on a door. Manufactured in Italy, these concealed hinges come in a wide range of finishes and are suitable for residential, commercial and industrial locations. Being adjustable along three independent axes, they perform well for door weights of up to 120kg and are suitable for internal and external (when undercover) locations. CEAM concealed hinges have a fully 3D adjustable structure and quick release system which makes them especially suitable for high-frequency opening doors. They also offer a jig & route template to allow for them to be easily installed.