Letter Cages & Postal Boxes

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Gate Postal Box
SKU: 56014

From £178.85 £149.04

Decayeux D110 Postal Box
3 options available
SKU: 56005

From £98.29 £81.91

Medium Letter Cage
SKU: 56002

From £58.20 £48.50

Large Letter Cage
SKU: 56003

From £64.01 £53.34

Small Letter Cage
SKU: 56001

From £52.54 £43.78

Picardy 4 Post Box
2 options available
SKU: 56010

From £63.17 £52.64

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Letter cages and Postal Boxes

Letter cages or letterbox baskets are designed to keep all the post tidy and in one place and not on the welcome mat within the house. Letter cages are also a great addition for any homeowners whose dog might feel like chewing on your morning paper.Postal boxes are designed for interior and exterior use.