Spring Door Hinges

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Single Action Adjustable Spring Hinge 100 x 76 mm
3 finishes available
SKU: 70039

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Double Action Spring Hinge
1 finishes available
4 sizes available
SKU: 70042

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Double Action Spring Hinge 76mm Bright Zinc
SKU: 70042.01.BZ
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Double Action Spring Hinge 76mm Satin Stainless Steel
SKU: 70042.01.SS
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Double Action Spring Hinge 125mm Bright Zinc
SKU: 70042.04.BZ
Offer Price £36.85 £30.71 List Price £51.74 £43.12
2 finishes available
4 sizes available
SKU: 70043

From £13.32 £11.10

6 Items

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Spring Hinges

Spring hinges or self closing hinges incorporate a spring action within the pivot knuckle. The size of the knuckle is usually about twice the size of a standard hinge, so as to allow a spring to be built in. A single spring hinge is sprung to allow a one-way closing, they are relatively simple to fit and cheaper than conventional door closers. However, please only us where conditions warrant such a hinge being used.

Double action spring hinges are ideal for busy commercial use. A good example of this is swinging kitchen doors as this type of hinge will close the door from both sides. Put simply, they are made up of two butt hinges but the knuckle is replaced by a powerful adjustable wound spring unit