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Cabinet Hinges and Door Hinges

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The obvious requirement of a hinge is to attach a door or window to a frame. Whether it's a front door, cabinet or cupboard door, the principle remains the same.

What is often overlooked is that a hinge must carry the weight of the door without sagging.

Hinges are often under-specified due to lack of understanding or to save money and people just accept that doors are supposed to sag or bind or drag. Hinges should allow the door to swing easily and with minimum friction. 

A hinge should withstand the forces exerted on it and through it by door closers. 

Furthermore, correctly specified hinges should perform to these requirements for a long period of time, which ultimately offers better value for money.

Stainless Steel Hinges

This section contains Stainless Steel hinges and includes rising butts, ball bearing, concealed bearing and washered hinges. Stainless steel hinges have a good strong load capacity, durable in most weather conditions and are aesthetically pleasing. Because of their fire resistance, stainless steel hinges are commonly used found on fire doors.

Brass Hinges - Range of Finishes

This hinge section features our best quality brass hinges and our contract range. Within each is a varied selection of hinges including parliament and projection hinges, which are available in a number of different finishes such as chrome and nickel.

Parliament and Projection Hinges

Parliament and projection hinges will swing a door through 180 degrees around the frame.

Concealed (Invisible) Hinges

Concealed hinges are designed to be invisible when the door is in the closed position.  Often specified for "jib" doors concealed within a wall.  Several patterns are available, often referred to by their trade name Soss, Zysa, and Tectus.

Cupboard & Cabinet Hinges

Within our cupboard and cabinet hinge section we have back flap, card table, centre and flush hinges. We have overlay, half overlay and inset hinges, sprung and unsprung, ideal for kitchen cabinets.

Spring Hinges

Spring hinges incorporate a spring action within the pivot knuckle. The size of the knuckle is usually about twice the size of a standard hinge, so as to allow a spring to be built in. A single spring hinge is sprung to allow a one-way closing, they are relatively simple to fit and cheaper than conventional door closers. However, please only us where conditions warrant such a hinge being used.

Hinges for Windows

Our Hinges for windows section contains friction stays that restrict the initial window opening to 100mm. They comply with BS8213 Part 1: 1991 Code of Practice for Safety in use and in Cleaning. The hinges themselves are designed so as to appear unobtrusive.

Continuous Hinges

These hinges are used on traditional cabinet work and pianos. Recently, continuous hinges built to a heavier specification, have become more widely used on full-size doors, particularly in areas subject to vandalism. Heavy-duty continuous hinges can be full mortise or half mortise to suit the door and frame details.

Various Door and Gate Hinges

This section is comprised of all the other hinges that don't fall under our other hinge categories.

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