Door Handles

Door Handles from SDS London

A comprehensive selection of handles for doors in a range of styles from various brands.


Designer Door Handles
A comprehensive selection of door handles from a variety of our top suppliers. All designs are very popular with today's architects and designers.


Groel Designer Door Handles
Groel lever door handles on round and square roses.  Finest quality handles at affordable prices.


Contemporary Levers on Backplate
These levers are are perfect for updating existing traditional style lever handles.  In most cases the handles easily replace older style levers without the need for any carpentry work.


Olivia Rhodes Lever Door Handles with Concealed Fix Roses
This section offers lever handle and rose combinations from the Olivia Rhodes English hardware collection.  These are popular combinations available in a variety of finishes on brass.


Traditional Lever Door Handles
Traditional lever handles are used to open and close doors with the sprung lever functionality. The traditional style of these lever handles gives lots of choice when it comes to completing the finishing touches for the doors in any interior. With the options of long rectangular back plates or round rose, there is a design to suit all decor choices. Some backplates also include a key hole to fit with a locking mechanism. Polished brass door handles are also available in polished chrome, satin chrome and satin nickel for a contemporary look.


Door Handles for UPV and Wood Doors
Designed to work with multipoint locks with 92 mm and 70 mm lock centres. Commonly specified for uPVC and wood front doors.


Samuel Heath Lever Door Handles
Samuel Heath lever door handles from the Contour and Profile ranges of contemporary and classic door levers with concealed and visible fix options.


British Made Traditional Lever Handles

This selection of quality traditional pattern sprung lever handles have been manufactured and hand finished in Birmingham, England. The lever are cast in brass, which is an alloy of copper and zinc and  they are available in a range of quality finishes.


Flush Mortice Door Handles

Flush Mortice Handles Flush mortice handles are designed to work with mortice latches. Used with folding doors and when doors have to be held back flush to the wall. 


Packed Handle Sets
Some of our popular door handles packed into sets with matching hinges and latch or lock mechanism.


Black Door Handles
A selection of door handles suitable for domestic and commercial projects available in a black finish.


SecuSan Anti-bacterial Door Handles

Did you realise that using a door handle is like shaking hands with thousands of strangers? Hygiene is an issue that affects us all. Since wherever people meet, illnesses may be spread – in large part by their hands. Thanks to SecuSan®, infections transmitted via handles touched by everybody can be effectively stopped.