Our Finishes

The sections below allow you to see some of the different finishes we offer next to each other. If there are any finishes that we offer and you can't see them here then please call us on 0207 228 1185 and we will try to describe the finish verbally.


We are able to supply many products in alternative finishes to order, please discuss your requirements with our sales team.

Metal Finishes & Patinas

All finishes are either electroplated or unlacquered living finishes (unless shown otherwise e.g. PB, SB & DMB).

Colour and texture variation is inherent in the creation of hand finished patinas; and once installed, touch, time and environment should lead to gradual wear and oxidization, lending character and elegance.

Please note: due to the variation in screen technology, the product appearances may vary to the images shown.


Polished Brass (Lacquered)


Polished Brass (Unlacquered)


Satin Brass (lacquered)


Satin Brass (Unlacquered)


Antique Brass (Unlacquered)


Imperial Brass (Unlacquered)


Hand Burnished Brass


Hand Burnished Nickel


Polished Chrome


Satin Chrome


Satin Nickel


Polished Nickel


Pearl Nickel


Matt Black Nickel


Polished Black Nickel


Satin Nickel -Bronzed


Antique Nickel


Antique Nickel - Distressed


Polished Silver


Butlers Silver


Antique Silver


Chestnut Bronze


Eboney Bronze


Dark Matt Bronze (lacquered)


Polished Copper Unlacquered


Satin Copper Unlacquered

Solid Bronze


Polished Solid Bronze Antique


Polished Solid Bronze Unlacquered


Rustic Solid Bronze


Satin Solid Bronze AntiqueChestnut Bronze


Satin Solid Bronze Unlacquered


Rustic Solid Bronze Dark

Finishes On Brass

Lacquered finishes such as PB, SB, AB & IBMA are not advised for use in high traffic areas or external locations subject to pollution or coastal conditions.  Lacquer, in these environments, will break down prematurely resulting in a patchy appearance

Finishes On Composite
Composite materials (or composites for short) are engineered materials made from two or more materials with significantly different physical or chemical properties.

The composite blends that we have on offer are very versatile and durable. All composites are made from a closely guarded blend of resins, mixed with core ingredients.

AP AlupewtAP Alupewt

AP Alupewt

Alupewt as the name would indicate a blend of cold cast aluminium and pewter plus one or two other hidden ingredients, deeply polished for over seven hours to ensure a long, long lasting sheen.

BB Black Bronze

Black Bronze, a deep metallic black with a slightly reflective bronze sheen. Created by mixing real bronze with dyed marble and graphite.

AP AlupewtAP Alupewt

BNE Bone

Bone, dyed marble composite mixture, hand polished to produce a soft and versatile finish suitable for contemporary or traditional settings, made to order, suitable for interior use only.

The dyed marble composite mixture is made by combining two or more different materials

CO Cocoa

Cocoa, dyed marble composite mixture, stained and polished to produce a beautiful, subtle, rich, dark finish reminiscent of Bakelite. Highly versatile in many styles.

The dyed marble composite mixture is made by combining two or more different materials.

AP AlupewtAP Alupewt

EBY Ebony

Ebony, dyed marble composite mixture, sealed and then hand finished to create a beautiful and subtle sheen.

The dyed marble composite mixture is made by combining two or more different materials.

Finishes On Metal

Satin Stainless Steel

Satin stainless steel offers a matt finish to stainless steel.

Stainless steel does not stain, corrode or rust as easily as ordinary steel (it "stains less"), but it is not stain-proof.

There are different grades and surface finishes of stainless steel to suit the environment to which the material will be subjected in its lifetime. Grade 316 stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion and is ideal to use in harsher environments such as wet and humid climates and marine conditions. Grade 304 doesnt provide as much corrosion resistance as grade 316.

Stainless steel needs little or no maintenance. If there is a product required, but is unavailable in Satin Stainless Steel then satin nickel is the closest match as an alternative finish (providing that is available).

Polished Stainless Steel

Polished stainless steel. Stainless steel that has been polished for a shiny effect

Anodised Aluminium

Anodised Aluminium. Aluminium material which is anodised

Natural Pewter

Pewter is an ageless metal. It has a warm and lustrous quality, which is hand-finished to give a unique patina. We do not plate or lacquer our products so there is no coating to degrade. We use only the best-quality lead-free Pewter (min 92% tin), which is entirely safe to use anywhere in the home and does not rust. It is hard-wearing and easy to keep clean with a soft damp cloth.