Buster and Punch Lighting

Buster + Punch Lighting

The Buster + Punch lighting collection includes pendant lights, wall lights, spotlights, ceiling lights, multi pendants, and LED bulbs. These lighting fixtures are made from solid metals and feature unique design elements such as the linear or cross-knurl pattern and the signature Buster & Punch coin screws and torx screws.

Additionally, they offer a selection of light bulbs to complement their lighting fixtures.


Buster + Punch Spotlights
Buster & Punch offers a selection of spotlights that can add a sleek and focused lighting solution to your space. Their spotlights are designed to be versatile and stylish, while also providing optimal functionality.


Buster + Punch Pendants
Buster & Punch pendants are designed to make a statement. They often feature clean lines, bold shapes, and striking finishes that can enhance the overall visual appeal of your space. Whether you're looking for a modern, industrial, or contemporary design, you'll find options to suit your style.


Buster + Punch Ceiling Lights
The brand offers a wide variety of ceiling lights to choose from. You can find options such as flush mount ceiling lights, and caged lights designed to be installed on the ceiling. This range of styles allows you to find the perfect ceiling light for your space and lighting needs.


Buster + Punch Wall Lights 
Buster + Punch wall lights are crafted with high-quality materials, such as solid metal. This not only ensures a robust and durable construction, but also a luxurious feel. Materials like brass and steel are often incorporated into the fixtures, giving them a premium look and feel.


Buster + Punch Multi Pendants 
In addition to their unique and stylish designs, Buster + Punch multi-pendant lights offer versatile and effective functionality. They provide sufficient illumination for different spaces while creating a visually appealing ambiance.

Buster + Punch Lighting Collections
Featuring the forked, exhaust, caged, hooked, hero and heavy metal collections.