Front Door Furniture

Front Door Furniture from SDS London
When you choose a new door for your home, SDS London can recommend matching furniture to complement the design of your door. 

SDS London front door furniture includes furniture for front doors, such as Centre Door Knobs, Door Knockers, Letterplates, Front Door Sets, Stainless Steel Front Door Furniture, Bell Pushes and more. Visit our London showrooms to see the products on display.


Centre Door Knobs
Our centre door knobs are perfect for complementing new building projects or for finishing a refurbishment. From a lions head to octagonal domes, we offer a range of front door knobs.


Door Knockers
This section contains a range of front door knockers to suit both traditional and contemporary front styles. Our door knockers are available in various finishes such as polished brass, chrome, and nickel.


The letterplate or letterbox should be sympathetic in design with the bell push door knocker and the front door knob. Again, we offer period brass letterplates or contemporary chrome letterplates.  An inner tidy can be fitted to conceal the letterplate opening.


Front Door Sets
To make the process of adding the finishing touches to a front door, we have put together a selection of front door sets, which each include matching door furniture such as door knockers, internal and external letterboxes and centre door knobs. Each of these front door sets comes in a selection of materials and finishes including bronze, brass, chrome and nickel.


Stainless Steel Front Door Furniture
Stainless steel front door furniture including knobs, letterplates and knockers supplied in satin and polished stainless steel.


Bell Pushes
We have bell pushes and doorbell buttons in Georgian, Victorian and modern designs styles available in a range of finishes to compliment any front door.

Viewers, Door Chains & Latch Pulls
In addition to British Standard front door locks we supply door viewers, door chains and cylinder latch pulls.


Letter Cages & Postal Boxes
Letter cages or letterbox baskets are designed to keep all the post tidy and in one place and not on the welcome mat within the house. Letter cages are also a great addition for any homeowners whose dog might feel like chewing on your morning paper.Postal boxes are designed for interior and exterior use.


Kickplates & Stepnosings
Most commonly used in commercial buildings, kickplates are used to protect the lower part of a door from kicking, scuff marks and typical wear and tear over years of use. A range of step nosings providing protective cover for door steps.  Available in a range of styles, square , round and bullnose.