Sliding Door Gear

Sliding Door Gear Solutions from SDS London
Sliding door gear systems can bring space and light into cramped and dark rooms. By converting from hinged, to sliding doors, typically saves 1 square metre (10 sq ft) per door of often highly desirable space.


Sliding Door Gear for Timber Doors
The most popular sliding door gear mechanism option with the weight being carried by top rollers. Most systems employ hidden bottom guides allowing a clear threshold.


Sliding Pocket Door Kits
The Pocket door frame kit for sliding doors is a simple way to increase available space in many domestic applications, particularly dining rooms, en-suite bathrooms, cloakrooms and doors into kitchens.


Folding Door Gear

A selection of interior and exterior folding door gear. Interior top-hung systems for sliding folding doors up to 900mm wide and 60kg per leaf, from small wardrobe doors to large internal partitions.  Exterior top hung and bottom rolling systems for sliding folding doors up to 900mm wide and 60kg per leaf, especially popular when used for extensions, patios, balconies and garage doors.


Sliding Cupboard Door Gear

Sliding wardrobe door gear for one, two, three and multiple door solutions available. Straight sliding top hung door track and fittings in easy to use kits for doors weighing up to 53 kg.


Folding Cupboard Door Gear

Sliding folding door gear for cupboards and wardrobes.


Sliding Door Gear for Glass Doors

Suitable sliding door gear solutions for glass applications.


Automated Sliding Door Gear

Evolve is perfect for a huge range of applications, and with a choice of hardwired and wireless control options, it can enhance anything from a luxury property to a situation where ease of access is vital.  Evolve can be installed seamlessly into any enviroment - even retrospectively and is automatedby a quiet and non-intrusive motor.

Sliding Door Locks, Handles & Accesories

Browse our range of fittings for glass and wood, sliding and folding doors. Including sliding door flush handles, sliding door locks, flush fitting sliding bathroom door locks and flush bolts. Flush handles, pulls and privacy bathroom locks for pocket doors are also available. We also stock a variety of floor channels and guides. Draught proofing for straight sliding and folding door gear.


HAWA Sliding Door Gear

Sliding hardware systems can do much more than open and close doors. They make amazing transformations to our environment in the blink of an eye and enable customised room partition designs. Sliding doors are both highly convenient and spacesaving. They inspire architects and designers to develop creative concepts for new worlds in which to live and work. Sliding systems from Hawa have been at home all over the globe for more than 40 years.


Internal Doors

Primed 44mm door perfect for matching with a sliding door system.


Sliding Door GearSliding Door Gear
sliding door gear