Electrical & Lighting

Electrical Accessories from SDS London

By clicking on the catagories above you can order a range of electrical accessories for the home including lighting and electrical switch plates.


Electrical Switch Plates 
SDS offer a comprehensive range of decorative electrical accessories to address the high specification demands associated with the top end of the market. Designed to suit both traditional and contemporary interiors, these accessories combine high quality engineering with high performance inserts to ensure long term durability. To create an exquisite product that gives lasting beauty and exudes quality, each accessory is manufactured from superior grade materials and hand finished.


LED Lighting
Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are a rapidly evolving source of lighting for domestic applications. LED lights have a number of benefits, amongst them are: energy efficiency, long life, minimal maintenance and pure, saturated colours


Pendant Lighting Collection
These Pendants reference Britain’s great industrial heritage and use colour to celebrate contemporary design. With three distinctive shapes in a number of different finishes, these lights can be used to transform an array of spaces. Pendants are hand spun from solid steel & finished in copper or nickel. Each light is made to order and we are more than happy to create bespoke colours and finishes if desired.


Buster + Punch Lighting

The Buster + Punch lighting collection includes pendant lights, wall lights, spotlights, ceiling lights, multi pendants, and LED bulbs. These lighting fixtures are made from solid metals and feature unique design elements such as the linear or cross-knurl pattern and the signature Buster & Punch coin screws and torx screws.

Additionally, they offer a selection of light bulbs to complement their lighting fixtures.