Air Vents & Grilles

Air Vents & Grilles from SDS London

Air vents are available in various designs and styles, including plain slotted hole vents, louvres, hit and miss, circular and square mesh patterns.

Grilles and air vents have many practical uses in walls, floors, ceilings, and doors. 

The air flow required often determines which size of a ventilator is suitable. 

Standard finishes in polished brass, satin brass, polished chrome plate, satin chrome plate, polished nickel, satin nickel, real bronze metal antique, imitation bronze metal antique, anodized aluminium, mill finish aluminum, powder coated, satin stainless steel and polished stainless steel.


Louvre Vents
Louvre air vents or louvre grilles are fitted to walls and doors to provide free air flow. The louvre design obscures the view through the vent and is commonly fitted to cupboard doors.  Louvre vents are available to order in many other factory set sizes and can also be made to measure.  Please contact our sales team for more information.


Slotted Hole Vents
Slotted hole air vents provide an attractive and simple solution for ventilation


Hit and Miss Vents
The term hit and miss refers to the open/closed design. Hit and miss vents can be closed to restrict the air flow and should not be used when venting a gas appliance.


Square Hole Vents
Square hole vents offer an attractive solution to ventilation requirements.  Often used in domestic flooring where ventilation is required for gas fires.


Recessed Grilles
Recessed grilles are used to provide ventilation and free air flow to floors, walls and work surfaces. They can also be used on kitchen worktops and floor plinths to provide ventilation for electrical appliances. Typically recessed grilles are designed for adhesive fixing allowing for a clean, fixing free appearance, which also makes installation easy.


Round Hole Vents
Round hole vents offer an attractive solution to ventilation requirements.


Intumescent Fire Door Grilles
Our Fire Door Grille range is designed with the perfect blend of aesthetics and function. From the classic styling to the robust components and unique features, these grilles are perfectly suited for both modern and traditional buildings alike.


Plastic Vents
Plastic vents provide an attractive and simple solution for ventilation.


Vent Flyscreen
Woven fibreglass flyscreen. Stops insects from passing through vent. Open area 60%.
Standard gauge is 18x16 gauge, which keeps most flying insects out. Suitable for commercial and domestic use. Lightweight, flexible and easy to cut with a knife or scissors.

Trickle Window Vents
Atmospheric windows are an exciting design element that can both warm and cool a room by allowing just the right amount of air circulation. Trickle Window Vents allow for easy adjustments for maximum comfort.


Linear Grilles - Made to Specification
Linear grilles are commonly used with under floor air conditioning systems.  The spacing of the blades is set to prevent stiletto heels from passing through.  Linear grilles can be supplied with a frame or just the core which set rebated into the floor covering.  Linear grilles are also used in fine joinery and often let into the top surface of a radiator cover.  The grilles are made to specification and can be adapted to suit the clients design. Manufactured in brass and available in a range of finishes.


Miscellaneous Vents
Give your home a touch of personality with our wide selection of miscellaneous vents.


Decorative Grilles
Decorative Grilles are functional and decorative. These grilles are available in several designs, decorative grilles can accentuate windows and doors as well as interior walls and ceilings.