Sash Window Furniture

Sash Window Furniture from SDS London

We stock a full range of sash fasteners for sash windows available in a range of styles. Brighton sash window fasteners offer an adjustable screw down fitting which pulls the two sashes together and aligns them vertically. Fitch fasteners provide a quick operation but no adjustment. Straight arm sash fasteners are based on traditional designs but little adjustment. Sash lifts are fitted on the inner sash to assist in lifting. Two sash lifts are required per sash unless the window is very small side light. Sash pulls are fitted on the outer sash and assist in pulling the sash down to provide ventilation.


Sash Window Fasteners
Not all sash windows are the same. We have a range of fasteners to suit your needs - from traditional straight arm sash fasteners, to modern sash window fasteners and adjustable screw down Brighton fasteners.


Sash Window Lifts and Pulls
Sash window lifts and pulls are an easy way to update your property. Available in a variety of styles, sash window pulls are suitable for a range of materials and finishes.


Sash Window Accessories
Sash Pulleys are a great part of any sash window. Available in many different finishes, there's a style for every home.


Sash Window Weather Seals
Looking for a more weatherproof solution? This easy to fit seal solutions will help to keep the elements out, provide a warmer home and bring your sash windows back to life.


Sash Window Sets
Why spend hours struggling with traditional sash window replacement parts? Our Sash Window Sets come together for ease.



Locks for Sash Windows
Locks for sash windows gives you unbeatable security and peace of mind, with a simple and clean design that fits your style.