Window Furniture

Window Furniture from SDS London
When you choose new window furniture for your home, we have many different styles and finishes available for you to choose from.


Sash Window Furniture
Complete range of sash window fittings including sash window fasteners, sash window pull handles, sash window lifts and sash pulleys.  Mostl sash window fittings are made of brass and available in range of finishes to match all interiors.


Casement Window Furniture
Our casement window furniture fittings consist of modern and traditional designs and range in price and finish. As well as the usual fittings such as casement stays and casement fasteners we have fanlight catches and roller stays available to buy online as well. We have pear drop, reeded, scroll and spoon designs of window fittings as well as sharp, modern designs for you to browse.


Additional Window Furniture
Including window openers & restrictors, fittings for window shutters, fanlight window fittings and more.


Window Weather Proofing

Including Aquamac, seals, parting beads and brush seals.



Window Hinges

Concealed hinge, adjustable along 3 independent axes. Suitable for door weights up to 120 kg. Our window hinges section contains friction stays that restrict the initial window opening to 100mm. They comply with BS8213 Part 1: 1991 Code of Practise for Safety in use and in Cleaning. The hinges themselves are designed so as to appear unobtrusive. In addition to these restrictor friction hinges, we also have for storm proof hinges and small stainless steel hinges which are small enough to use with window frames.