Sliding Door Locks, Handles and Accessories

Sliding Door Locks, Handles and Accessories from SDS London
Browse our range of fittings for glass and wood, sliding and folding doors. Including sliding door flush handles, sliding door locks, flush fitting sliding bathroom door locks and flush bolts.

Flush handles, pulls and privacy bathroom locks for pocket doors are also available. We also stock a variety of floor channels and guides. Draught proofing for straight sliding and folding door gear.


Flush Door Handles

Flush pull handles for sliding and folding doors. Pocket door pulls fitted into the door edge to assist in pulling the door out of the pocket. Also known as "Recessed door handles".


Pocket Door Handles
Sliding pocket door handles allow doors to be pulled open and closed seamlessly with their flush design. Pocket door handles sit perfectly within minimalist style interiors as they remove the need for bulky door handles in a space that might otherwise be quite limited. Some use a spring return handle to make accessing the door even easier. Many of our pocket door handles come in a range of materials and finishes including brass, bronze, chrome and nickel.


Locks for Sliding & Folding Doors 
Patio door catches a locks for sliding doors.


Sliding Bathroom Door Locks
Mortice hook and claw bolts for bathroom sliding doors


Bifold Sliding Door Handles
Sliding door handles for bifolding doors. 


Glass Door Handles & Locks
Glass door handles & locks 


Back to Back Pull Handles
Back to back fixing pull handles for wood and glass doors. 


Sliding Door Guiding Accessories
Sliding door guides and channels stabilise and enhance the smooth operation of sliding door gear.

Concealed Fittings, Soft Brakes, Sliding Closers
Sliding door gear accessories. 


Door Bolts for Sliding Doors
Door bolts used on sliding door gear to hold leafs in place. 


Draught Proofing for Sliding Doors 
Draught proofing for sliding and folding doors with door seals, brushes, and rubber blades.