Fire Exit Hardware

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Redlam Panic Bolt & Spare Tubes
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Break Glass Key Box
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Single Push Bar Panic Bolt
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Double Push Bar Panic Bolt for Rebated Doors
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Push Bar Panic Latch
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Push Pad Panic Latch
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Dogging Device to Hold Open Bolts
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Exidor 302EC External Access Device c/w Cylinder
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External Lever Operated Outside Access Device OAD with Euro Cylinder
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Fire Exit Hardware
Emergency exit panic hardware including panic bolts and panic bars should be capable of being easily and immediately opened from the inside to facilitate prompt escape from fire.

BS EN 1125: A panic application where the exit door is used by the public and provides "safe and effective escape through the doorway with minimum effort and without prior knowledge of operation". For example: theatres, shops, schools, hospitals and cinema.

There are three principal types:

Single Panic Bolts - for use on single doors or pairs of doors with plain meeting styles

Double Panic Bolts - for use on pairs of doors with rebated meeting styles

Panic Latches - used in particular circumstances on single leaf doors and certain installations involving pairs of doors