Furniture Fittings

Furniture Fittings from SDS London
SDS London can provide a wide variety of Furniture Fittings including all of the categories below.


Shelf Supports, Brackets and Shelves
Every home needs some form of shelving, whether it is in the kitchen, bedroom or workshop. There is a wide range of options to choose from when deciding what type of shelf support or shelf bracket to use.


Air Vents & Grilles
This section contains a vast range of air vents, grilles and ventilators.  We stock metal vents and plastic vents, recessed and surface. Gas vents, soffit vents, wall vents, louvre vents, brass vents, trickle vents, intumescent grilles, hit and miss vents and more...


Drawer Runners
We sell drawer slides, drawer runners, desk runners and drawer guides for all applications, from small cabinets and desk drawers to kitchen drawers and heavy duty industrial runners with a holding capacity of 160 kg per pair. Most of our runners are made from galvanised or bright zinc plated steel and can fitted new or as replacements.  We can provide a drawer runner for every application.


Kitchen Fittings

We have an extensive range of furniture fittings, including waste bins, table legs and more.


Furniture Hinges
Furniture fittings including kitchen and bedroom fittings for cupboards and wardrobes.


Wardrobe Fittings
Wardrobe rails or hanging rails can be supplied in round, oval or square tube with matching rod sockets and supports.  


Fasteners and Catches
All types of furniture catches, magnetic catches, spring catches, ball catches, push catches and touch latches to secure cupboard and wardrobe doors.  Both concealed and surface fitting.


Interior Fittings
Adjustable stays to control opening and closing of kitchen cupboards, wardrobe doors and lid stays for toy boxes and chests. Turntables have many uses including television tables, bar stools, swivel chairs and lazy Susan table tops. Castors and felt furniture glides to suit chairs and beds.  Wheel castors and ball castors for furniture.

Handrail Brackets and Bar Rail Fittings
A complete range of decorative bar rail fittings in stainless steel and brass 38 mm and 51 mm diameter tube and fittings. Ideal for pubs, clubs, theatres and restaurants. All chrome products are plated on polished brass tube, castings and stampings, thus ensuring a high quality finish


Furniture Fixing Plates and Cabinet Hangers
Kitchen Cupboard fixing plates and cabinet hanging products.


Coat and Robe Hooks
Including a selection of coat and robe hooks for any interior room.


Including a selection of wall mirrors.