Additional Window Furniture

Additional Window Furniture from SDS London

Additional Window Furniture from SDS London. Enhance your window with SDS’s range of advanced and innovative window furnishings. We supply a wide variety of solutions for your windows, giving you the ability to showcase your product exactly how you want.


Window Openers & Restrictors
The SDS London window restrictors and window openers are a practical, stylish and safe way to restrict your window opening.


Fittings for Window Shutters
Fittings for Window Shutters, supplied by SDS London. Our systems are uniquely designed to suit many window and door applications.


Fanlight Window Fittings
SDS London Fanlight Window Fittings are manufactured to the highest possible standards


Traditional Screwjack Window Openers
The Screwjack Window Openers from SDS London are a sturdy method of opening casement windows without the need for any other tools.


Window Espagnolettes, Handles & Friction Hinges
Window Espagnolettes, Handles & Friction Hinges from SDS London are the perfect finishing touches to your windows or doors.


Window Handles for uPVC
Window handles for uPVC windows that can give you a modern and sophisticated look, help you to make your space into one well organized and practically functional.



Trickle Vents
If your home is lacking in fresh air, or if you find it difficult to adjust the temperature inside your home, the SDS London Trickle Vent is for you. This device vents hot air from inside to outside, creating a perfect environment for you. It’s easy to install, and even easier to use – simply open up one side of the vent and let hot air out. The system is quiet and unobtrusive, which means that there’s no need to worry about noise or looks when using this vent.


Stainless Steel Window Furniture
Our stainless steel window furniture is made to last, and looks great in any room.