Concealed Door Hinges

Concealed Door Hinges from SDS London

Concealed hinges are designed to be invisible when the door is in the closed position.  Often specified for "jib" doors concealed within a wall.  Several patterns are available, often referred to by their trade name Soss, Zysa, and Tectus.


ZYSA Concealed Cabinet Hinges
Zysa concealed hinges are designed for use in quality cabinets and cupboards.


Concealled Door Hinges
Imported concealed door hinges maufactured to a competitive price.


SOSS Concealed Door Hinges

SOSS hinges offer 180-degree opening and are ideal for timber or metal doors where the concealed installation acts as a vandal deterrent. All SOSS Invisible Hinges are packaged with detailed installation instructions and a paper template. SOSS Invisible Hinges are designed to give dependable operation for years.


TECTUS Concealed Door Hinges
TECTUS three dimensionally adjustable (3D) fully concealed hinges. Suitable for un-rebated premium choice interior, high performance and heavy-duty doors up to 300 kg. Maintenance free slide bearings, 0pening angle of 180° suitable for left or right hand applications.


CEAM Concealed Door Hinges
CEAM concealed hinges provided the option for a concealed hinge to be hidden on a door. Manufactured in Italy, these concealed hinges come in a wide range of finishes and are suitable for residential, commercial and industrial locations. Being adjustable along three independent axes, they perform well for door weights of up to 120kg and are suitable for internal and external (when undercover) locations. CEAM concealed hinges have a fully 3D adjustable structure and quick release system which makes them especially suitable for high-frequency opening doors. They also offer a jig & route template to allow for them to be easily installed.


Anselmi Concealed Hinges
The extensive range of ANSELMI hinges offers high quality products for light interior doors. These concealed hinge systems are suitable for interior residential doors as well as for internal doors up to 60 kg and are available in several model versions. The hinge systems are three-dimensionally adjustable and guarantee a long lasting, maintenance-free operation of the door and are available in 6 aesthetical finishes.