Saving space with Sliding Doors

One of the major benefits of using sliding doors instead of traditional hinged doors is the amount of space that can be saved, especially in buildings where spaced is at a premium or there is an unusual layout. A typical 900mm hinged door can require up to 1270mm of operating space when opened and changing to a sliding door not only saves space but also the potential for collisions between people on opposite sides of the openings

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Swing Doors

Swing DoorsSwing Doors

Sliding Doors

Where can sliding doors can be used

Pocket Sliding Doors

One of the most popular types of sliding door installations is called a pocket door system, these are usually bought as kit including the frame or box to make the pocket, along with the sliding door gear.

These kits reduce the installation time saving labour costs on site and are available with a number of different options



Wall mounted sliding doors

Where there are existing openings, it may be possible to replace the current doors with wall mounted sliding doors. This is particularly helpful when doors are positioned in tight spaces with limited room for a swing door to work as in the example below

By using a wall profile which holds the track allows installations without a pelmet Saheco Star Top Track Wall Fixing Profile doors can be 50-90kg and have single or double soft close options

Cabinet Pocket Doors

The term pocket doors is also used for a different type of system which is used for cabinets and wardrobes, these doors open like conventional hinged doors but then slide back into the cabinet at each side. These are used in kitchen and wardrobes and because the projection of the doors is removed by sliding into a pocket, they are an invaluable design solution for small spaces.

These can be installed as single doors up to 900 x 2850mm or double folding doors of 700 x2600mm per door