Information for 2,4,6 or 8 Leaves with Swing Leaf

Model: Information for 2,4,6 or 8 Leaves with Swing Leaf
Code: INFO21
Max. Door Height: 3300 mm
Max. Door Width: 900 mm
Max. Door Weight: 60 kg

Top hung endfold door gear with rebated head facility
Application: Top hung folding doors odd or even number suites
Usually external applications but can be used internally
Suitable for folding into rebated head
For commercial and residential applications
Floating, folding suites 4,6 or 8 doors can be accomodated


Maximum door thickness 32-44 mm


Up to 8 leaves may be hinged together, hinged to jambs. With of door leaves may vary according to arrangements. Swing leaves are best hinged to jambs. When hinged to folding suites reduce door leaf widths to 700 mm.


Floor channel control may be omitted on a 2 door suite where door panel width is less than 550 mm and additional hinges are used
Additional fixing brackets required where doors stack
Hangers and guides have vertical adjustment
Channel unnecessary under swing leaves
Closed end brackets should be fitted at both ends of each track run


Lock joint brackets should be fitted at each track joint
An additional open bracket should be fitted at all points on the track where the doors stack open

Brackets should be positioned at 600-900 mm centre intervals along the track