The Rectory

Complete Refurbishment for The Rectory

The Rectory is now a beautiful family home, stripped back to it's original Architect plans.

SDS London are so proud to be a part of this special project.

In terms of Ironmongery, SDS London were involved in the project from start to finish. Lots of fittings were supplied including locks, cabinet furniture and window fittings.


The property was originally a house that was converted into a care home - until 2021 when it was converted back into a grand family home, as originally intended.


Antique brass was the finish used predominantly in the house, requested by the Designer, who wanted to keep the house as original as possible.


Archways and original decorative architraves were found when construction work started within the interior that opened up the entire history of the property.

The family crest was engraved into the lock forends and brass key rings - to try and bring as much personal life back into the property as possible.


The Designer wanted to keep the house to the original style as much as possible.

Therefore, the original architects drawings were found and a plan was created to make sure that these were stuck to.

The story behind this property made this a fascinating project to work on.


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