Buster & Punch - ‘London Born Home Fashion’

When I started working in the Northcote Road Showroom, Buster & Punch were immediately one of my favorite brands. I absolutely love the knurled texture on the product, and as knurled is widely on trend at the moment – I thought it looked fantastic. The knurled pattern creates a distinctive texture throughout the interior. They have recently brought out the Linear range, which is also very attractive and looks beautiful.


Buster & Punch supply a large range of product for the home and I like having the ability to match interior hardware with electrical sockets, lighting and accessories within a property to create a continuous luxury environment. Whilst I have been in the Showroom, I have seen further product ranges introduced to the brand which now include kitchen taps, home accessories & furniture.

‘London Born Home Fashion’ is now the tagline for Buster & Punch, the brand started in an East London Garage building custom motorbikes! Their work is inspired by London’s fashion, music and sub-culture scenes – and the love for working with rare, solid metals has led them to transform everyday functional fittings into extraordinary home details.


The finish range that they offer is varied, including finishes such as; Stainless Steel, Brass, Smoked Bronze & Black – however, my favorite is the burnt steel. It creates a beautiful finish of yellow, pink and blue over the steel finish, creating a stunning design.


At SDS, we have supplied Buster & Punch since early 2020, and have had a display in the showroom since then – (which was a highlight when the Showroom opened after the Covid-19 Lockdown).


For their latest collection – ‘The Skull Collection’, they have collaborated with Travis Barker & have included products such as jewellery, furniture, home accessories & clothing.


One of my favorite products is the Rock Star Bar – a whisky bar handmade from Solid American Walnut and is the ultimate feature piece of any home bar.


Buster & Punch inject a little rock & roll into the home interior whilst maintaining a modern, yet luxurious feel with all of their product.


Erin Bisset