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Sophisticated finishes are the secret to refined home design. At SDS London, we allow users to filter by their preferred finishes, resulting in a consistent style in the accents of your home.

Amongst our most popular finishes of 2021 are matte back, as well as bronze and antique brass. This coincides with two parallel trends we've observed in interior design: one that veers towards a modern sophistication, and one that brings blues and greens back into the picture.

Back to Black

We've seen black finishes making a comeback this year, with black handles and door knobs adding an elegant but modern touch to any interior design idea. Our clients love the versatility of black hardware, as it can be applied to everything from ultra modern to rustic and period designs.

In order to keep black accents classy, not kitsch, steer away from anything shiny-muted, finishes are key. Consider different types of textures to communicate the character of your home.


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Sustainability should be at the front of the mind of any responsible homeowner or interior designer. Luckily, the industry has responded to the emerging needs of our planet with more and more innovative technologies for eco-friendly homes.

Simultaneously, there is an increased need amongst homeowners to invite nature in. We can see this in the increased use of plants to decorate living spaces, as well as the use of natural textures and materials in surfaces and hardware.