Door Stops - Floor Mounted vs Wall Mounted

Whenever a door swings open, a door stop prevents the wall from being damaged.


It may be time to get a new door stop if you don't have one or if your rubber tip is worn out. There are a lot of different types of door stops to choose from, they vary in terms of finish, shape, size, and design. It is also important to note that different door stops are designed for different areas within a building.


This is why we have two options; wall mounted and floor mounted.

Below are a few examples of the different door stops that we offer here at SDS:


Floor Mounted Hooded Door Stop


This comes in a range of different finishes, and can be used where the door is opening into a room such as a bathrooom, where you have a tiled wall and do not want to fix into the wall.

An example of a hooded door stop can be found here.



Floor Mounted Tyre Door Stop

Tyre door stops are also foor mounted, and can be used in similar applications to a hooded door stop. They are also useful in commercial interiors.

An example of a tyre door stop can be found here.






 This last quirky one, which I love, is unqiue. This comes in 8 different finishes and can be seen here.






These door stops are very different so choosing the right one for you is crucial. If your floor is tiled, or if you have underfloor heating, then you probably don't want to go for a floor mounted option. Both types of door stops can create a particular aesthetic to a certain room but will also help to stop damage to a wall behind a door.


Door stops are usually matched to other door hardware and hinges.


For our full range of door stops, see our page here.



Chloe Coombes